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BASF is one of the world's leading companies and innovators in the electronic business-to-business environment. Learn more about our activities and solutions for e-business on these websites.

In today’s international business world, e-business has become state-of-the-art, with rapidly growing application areas. BASF was one of the first movers in implementing e-solutions to help our customers to act more successfully. 10 years after the introduction and sustainable development of e-business activities, BASF has achieved significant e-shares across all segments.


BASF Share

XETRA: EUR71.10 down

11/20/14 - 05.35 PM CET

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E-Business for our customers

Our e-business solutions provide online information about BASF products and allow tailor made solutions to optimize the order process.

BASF E-Solutions and major values

  • WorldAccount is BASF's global, web-based transaction and information platform.
  • Elemica connects ERP systems of the partners using an electronic language to directly exchange order, invoice and logistics data.
  • Time and cost savings are achieved through faster information exchange and accelerated order management processes.
  • Maximum availability – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Detailed source of BASF product information.


E-Business for our suppliers

BASF sources a wide range of services and products for its processes. Find out more about our e-business solutions for optimizing business processes with our suppliers.

Facts & Figures about E-Business

Find additional information about the BASF e-business approach as well as facts & figures.