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To meet the high demand for insulation materials made of the gray, graphite containing raw material Neopor®, BASF is increasing the global production capacity by 40,000 metric tons a year until end of 2018. Insulation materials made of Neopor are an important contribution to energy savings and to reducing CO2 emissions.  Photo: BASF

Application: Insulation


Sustainability performance:

  • Neopor® provides high insulation performance with a small amount of material; This leads to improved resource efficiency compared  to white EPS.
  • Neopor® contributes to cost savings downstream.
  • Insulation with Neopor® positively contributes to climate protection and energy efficiency.


Neopor® insulating materials offer improved insulating performance and lower use of materials than conventional EPS.


Product information

Sustainability Criteria:

Cost savings downstream


Resource efficiency