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Styropor® BMB

The new packaging for the ice cream from IceGuerilla is made by Schaumaplast from BASF’s raw material Styropor® P 426 C MB. The product originates from the company’s biomass balance method. By using this material, the customer ensures that at BASF all the fossil resources that are required to manufacture it are replaced by renewable resources. Compared to its conventional predecessor, the MB product is technically unchanged. Besides Styropor® there is also the gray Neopor®, which is used for insulation products, now available as a biomass balance product.  Photo: Schaumaplast/IceGuerrilla/BASF

Application: Protection and insulation 


Sustainability performance: 

  • Is the EPS (expandable polystyrene) produced using BASF’s biomass balance approach
  • The fossil resources needed to manufacture Styropor are replaced entirely with renewable resources at the very beginning of the production value chain.
  • Each biomass balance product helps to conserve fossil resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The quality of Styropor® BMB is unchanged compared to its fossil counterpart.


Styropor® BMB contributes to resource conservation while keeping its technical properties intact.


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