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Responsible Care

BASF has embraced the goals of the chemical industry's voluntary Responsible Care initiative and applies them to the entire BASF Group. The corporate unit Environmental Protection, Health and Safety defines concrete goals for the key areas of Responsible Care, ensures their implementation and monitors their performance.

Responsible Care is a voluntary initiative of the chemical industry. The objective: continuous improvement in the areas of environmental protection, health and safety. Companies in the chemical industry and associations in more than 50 countries support this initiative. BASF committed to the principles of Responsible Care in 1992 and has established binding Responsible Care objectives for itself. Responsible Care activities also constitute a central element of sustainable business management at BASF.

We visibly practice and document our commitment to Responsible Care. In order to do so, we implemented a Responsible Care Management System as early as 2007, which applies to all companies in the BASF Group as well as companies in which we hold a majority share.

BASF Responsible Care Management System

BASF’s Responsible Care Management System comprises the global rules, standards and procedures for environmental and health protection, safety and security for the various steps along our value chain. The Responsible Care Management System forms the superordinate structure for the EHS documents. This document applies throughout the BASF Group and covers all EHS topics:

Product Stewardship

We take our worldwide product stewardship responsibilities very seriously. We continuously work to ensure that our products pose no risk to people and the environment when used responsibly and in the intended manner.

Distribution Safety

Distribution Safety

We want to ensure safe transport, handling and storage of our products. To do this, we stipulate globally standardized parameters.

Occupational Safety

We value the health and safety of people above all else. We ensure safe working conditions in order to protect BASF employees, contractors and our neighbors.


Occupational Medicine and Health Protection

We globally take responsibility for occupational and emergency medicine for our employees as well as for the coordination within BASF Group. Our portfolio covers occupational preventive medicine, up to emergency medicine and health promotion.

Environmental protection

Over the long term, value-added growth can only be achieved if economic success harmonizes with social and environmental responsibility. Our efficient processes preserve the environment, since we sparingly use resources and reduce emissions. 

Process Safety

Process Safety

When we design and operate our plants, we focus on prevention, and evaluate and include all aspects of health, safety and environmental protection.

Emergency Response

Emergency Response

With our emergency response management system, we are well prepared to take professional action should any potential events occur. Our emergency response experts serve as competent contact persons around the clock worldwide.


We maintain an open and objective dialog with employees, suppliers, investors, customers and neighbors in all Responsible Care areas of activity. Please send us your questions or comments.

Corporate Security

We protect our employees, business partners, sites and the company knowledge against influence by third parties. With our standardized global concepts we provide the necessary conditions.


BASF pursues the sustainable use of energy. Improving energy efficiency is among the focal points when planning and operating our facilities. That is the key to combine climate protection, conservation of resources and competitive economic advantages.


Acting responsibly according to the guidelines of Responsible Care is for us a long term investment: we want to continuously improve our environmental, health and safety performance and to monitor this progress. Carrying out regular audits at all our sites worldwide helps us to do this.