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BASF leads the way with new approach for eco-friendly ingredient solutions 

May 7, 2019

The “back to nature” trend has a strong impact on the personal care market. The consumers’ increasing demand for natural cosmetics has become one of the industry’s most important drivers. 


BASF supports its customers with all necessary information and data for the COSMOS and NATRUE standards as well as the ISO 16128 norm. Around 130 ingredients developed by BASF for personal care applications have already been registered with COSMOS and more than 50 of the products are evaluated according to the NATRUE criteria. That makes BASF the largest provider of raw materials that are suitable for natural and organic cosmetic products under the COSMOS and NATRUE standards. In addition, BASF has reviewed its complete personal care portfolio according to the ISO standard criteria and calculating rules, providing manufacturers of cosmetic products with guidance and information on the degree of natural origin of the ingredients. More than 250 of BASF's personal care ingredients meet the ISO definition as natural or derived natural with a share of at least 50 percent natural carbon atoms. 


BASF is the largest provider of raw materials that are suitable for natural and organic cosmetic products under the COSMOS and NATRUE standards.

Eco-friendly ingredients for environmental-conscious consumers

Polymer opacifiers like Euperlan® OP White provide optical effects in rinse-off products.

Euperlan® OP White is a wax-based, readily-biodegradable and cold-processable opacifier dispersion with a superior white appearance for surfactant formulations. The product meets today’s demand for ecological friendly ingredients and its unique properties make it particularly suitable for ecolabel conform skin and hair cleansing formulations. BASF is the leading supplier of cold-processable wax dispersions for personal care that provide optical effects in rinse-off products. Euperlan OP White complements BASF’s current portfolio of pearlizing wax dispersions and can be used as an alternative to synthetic polymer opacifiers.

Thanks to the spherically shaped wax beads: Cegesoft® Peel provides a gentle exfoliation.

Cegesoft® Peel consists of spherically shaped wax beads that provide a gentle and mild exfoliation. Mainly derived from natural and renewable resources, Cegesoft Peel is a readily biodegradable and environmentally-friendly alternative to sharp-edged abrasives and non-degradable beads (often referred to as microplastic beads).

Emulsifiers are crucial for the texture of many personal care products and are able to positively influence their sensory properties. Emulgade® Sucro Plus and Eumulgin® VL 75 are both completely natural-based and have been approved by COSMOS. In addition to good emulsifying properties and skin compatibility, the products are characterized by special sensory properties like smooth after-feel, easy distribution and care sensation.