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Metal Solutions
Easy and cost effective 3D printing of metal parts

100%-metal parts – using your standard FFF printer


Stainless steel

We have developed our metal filaments to realize high-quality metal parts and high throughput using the conventional Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) process. Our metal filaments are cost-effective, easy to process and meet the MIM industry standard for catalytic debinding and sintering. Our industry-grade metal-polymer composites support a broad range of applications, which include tooling, jigs and fixtures, small series production, functional parts, prototypes and, even jewelry.


Stainless Steel

Ultrafuse® 316L

+ easy-to-handle filament for all FFF systems

+ reduced total cost of ownership

Is our metal solution a good fit for your design idea? Find out!

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Services and Optimization

Our mission is to empower you – wherever you stand in your AM journey and at any step in your 3D printing workflow.

Ultrafuse® filaments

Boost the value of your 3D printing application with the highest-quality filaments for FFF printers in the market.

Ultracur3D® photopolymers and inks

From high accuracy to impact strength to extreme durability, these materials for SLA, DLP and PPJ have the properties it takes for 3D printing of high-performance parts.


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