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Ultrasint® powders 

Powders by Forward AM enable advanced 3D printing applications for SLS and Multi Jet Fusion

Engineering-grade 3D printing powders for competitive SLS applications

At Forward AM, we continuously refine our comprehensive range of plastic powders. These affordable materials for 3D printing boast enhanced mechanical properties and powder homogeneity. Their production process is subject to rigorous quality control to ensure the highest quality and performance as well as perfect batch-to-batch consistency.


Get details on data and properties of all SLS powders in the Forward AM portfolio.

Complex parts and more design freedom for industrial applications

Our industrial-grade powders for powder bed fusion offer compelling alternatives to the familiar injection molding materials. They give you the design freedom and adaptability you need to create complex parts. They can speed up the production of individual parts, drastically reducing costs and time. Forward AM powders for industrial applications come with the perfect properties for big lot sizes and series production in Additive Manufacturing.

natural and black

Ultrasint® PA6

+ high heat-deflection temperatures

+ as-printed gas tightness


Ultrasint® PA6 MF

+ superior heat-deflection temperature

+ properties similar to those of injection molding materials


Ultrasint® PA6 FR

+ free of halogens

+ passes UL94 V-2 and FST tests


Ultrasint® PA6 LM

+ superior heat stability

+ suitable for conventional SLS machines 


Ultrasint® PP nat 01

+ excellent chemical resistance

+ high plasticity and elongation 


Ultrasint® PA11 Black CF

+ high tensile and impact strength

+ yields very rigid end parts 

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3D printing powders for prototyping and beyond

3D printing has become a synonym for rapid prototyping. Powders are very easy to use, which makes them a perfect fit for rapid-prototyping purposes. However, with their well-balanced mechanical and chemical properties, they are also an attractive option for many standard industrial 3D applications.

natural and black

Ultrasint® PA11

+ exceptional high toughness

+ bio-based SLS powder



Ultrasint® PA11 GB30

+ high rigidness

+ increased heat deflection temperature


Ultrasint® PA11 ESD

+ electrostatic discharge property (ESD)

+ bio-based SLS powder

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Better results in less time:

A perfect powder for 3D printing with HP Multi Jet Fusion printers

In 2017, HP shook up the 3D printing market with its Jet Fusion technology – a technique to quickly produce strong parts with high accuracy and resolution at comparatively low cost. As a certified materials partner for the HP 3D printer series Multi Jet Fusion (MJF), we have created a TPU powder with printing parameters optimized for MJF printers to give you the desired result in even less time.



Ultrasint® TPU01 for HP Multi Jet Fusion printers

+ highly flexible and shock-absorbing

+ lattice structures for unlimited design capabilities

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