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Bio-based polyamide 11 for food and medical applications


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Ultrasint® PA11

Derived from castor seed oil, this polyamide 11 powder for sustainable manufacturing can be used for food and medical applications, opening possibilities for innovative ideas in either market.

Ultrasint® PA11 makes for an interesting alternative to PA12 for 3D printing prototypes and small series. Parts printed from this material exhibit well-balanced properties, such as high tensile strength, elasticity and process stability as well as excellent resistance to discoloration. They boast extra whiteness and come with low water absorption properties.



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Examples of applications using Ultrasint® PA11

  • Health care and medical applications
  • Non-specific food applications
  • Parts able to withstand high mechanical stress, such as hinges
  • Parts that come in contact with chemicals, detergents or oils
  • Parts that must not splinter in a crash situation

Properties of Ultrasint® PA11

  • Industrial-grade bio-based PA11 powder derived from castor seed oil
  • For medical and food applications
  • High elongation
  • High elasticity
  • Superior impact resistance
  • Weather resistant (UV)
  • Resistant to bases, acids, salts and oils
  • Excellent surface quality (very smooth)
  • Available in solid black with a deep mat finish as well as white
  • Refresh rate of 35-50%, depending on the application

Which 3D printers should I use with Ultrasint® PA11?

You can process Ultrasint® PA11 on most conventional SLS machines. We provide printer processing guidelines including parameters to help you get the most out of this polyamide 11 powder. In addition, consultancy and on-site is available to help ensure the material performs on your printer.

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Our services for Ultrasint® PA11

Services available for Ultrasint® PA11

  • On-site training with Forward AM experts
  • Process guidelines and consultancy on printing parameters for smooth printing right from the start
  • Support from our experts is only a click or call away

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Engineering and optimization services

  • Design optimization services for increased printability and performance of your part
  • Simulations for predicting part properties before printing to boost process efficiency
  • Consulting on and supply of functional and decorative surface treatments to turn 3D-printed part into marketable products

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