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A unique total offer: you@BASF

At BASF you get more than just compensation. Our total offer includes a wide range of elements you need to be your best in every stage of your life. That’s what we call you@BASF. To give you a better overview of our total offer, we have defined four globally valid categories. Take a look at the periodic table to find out what’s in it for you: competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits, lifelong learning & development opportunities as well as a collaborative, reliable and safe work environment. Along these four categories, we constantly analyze and optimize our total offer worldwide. As a result, our employees find the right mix of global consistency and local flexibility in BASF’s total offer. This is how we ensure to be attractive as a global player and local employer at the same time.




Benefits are the rewards that go beyond the paycheck. We offer a selection of benefits that meet our employees’ needs and expectation at different life stages. Examples for benefits at BASF are retirement benefits, health care and accident insurance.

Learning & Development


We want our employees to make the most of their talents and their job - and we offer many ways to do that including a global framework for development of all employees. We provide our employees with interestin and challenging learning opportunities. BASF is well-known talent developer world-wide because of the broad range of challenging assignments, trainings, career patterns, and the opportunity for cross-organizational moves.

Work Environment


In our collaborative, caring and safe work environment, employees can perform at their best. And we know that life is more than just work. Therefore, we provide ways for employees to integrate their personal and work lives. BASF`s work environment contains, among other things, modern infrastructure and communication instruments, equipment, flexible work arrangements, as well as fincancial stability and a long-term perspective of the employer.



We recognize each employee`s contribution and reward it with competitive total compensation. Within our compensation systems, our employees participate in BASF`s economic and financial performance. Examples for compensation elements are base pay programs, and different allowances.

The you@BASF Periodic Table

The you@BASF periodic table helps you to get an easy overview of what BASF has to offer. It is structured according to our four global offer categories – Benefits, Learning & Development, Work Environment and Compensation – and contains the most interesting offer elements. The periodic table below shows – as an exemplary excerpt from BASF’s total offer – those offerings that you can basically find in all regions. Click on the icons of the periodic table to learn more about the respective offer element. A more detailed extract can be found in the periodic table of a country. In the end, the concrete total offer for a specific job depends on the respective BASF-company offering the job.