Tablets are more than just active ingredients

Tablets are more than just active ingredients

Every year the pharmaceutical industry produces more than 1.3 trillion tablets globally. Each tablet consists of both active ingredients and a variety of inactive ingredients, known as excipients.

Excipients are used not only in prescription and over the counter drugs but in a range of complimentary, veterinary and traditional medicines, too. They are necessary to ensure that the active ingredient in a tablet can be absorbed by the body, in the right place and at the right time. They also have a huge role to play in product stability. Depending on requirements, they must be carefully selected and formulated to ensure the right strength and quality every time.

One challenge is the bioavailability. In the past the active ingredient molecules were often simple and very soluble but they are becoming more complex and poorly soluble. This means it can be difficult for the human body to absorb them, which limits their efficacy. More than 70 percent of newly developed active ingredients are affected. In order to improve the bioavailability BASF provides solutions, such as Soluplus®.

Overall, the company offers more than 100 different products for the pharmaceutical industry, including active ingredients, such as concentrated omega-3, ibuprofen, menthol and more. For further information visit