Exploring with Jane

Jane Mansary taking part in BASF's Global Safety Days vehicle safety training

Chemical engineer. Fashionista. Community worker. There's a lot to explore when it comes to getting to know Jane Mansaray. We recently caught up with Jane, who joined BASF's Mining Solutions team as a Sales and Technical Account manager in late 2020, to find out a little more about her prior working experience and life outside of work.

As someone who never wanted a career where you were required to be “locked in the office all the time,” Jane Mansary says she became attracted to the mining industry in her second year of university.

“I became fascinated by the processes involved in extracting valuable metals from ore and it was also very easy for me to understand the different mineral processing,” Jane said. “I always wanted to be where the action takes place as I love to do laboratory test work to investigate problems and bring about a solution, so mining seemed like a great career choice.”

After graduating as a Chemical Engineer from the University of Western Australia, Jane worked as a student metallurgist at a gold plant for almost two years before taking a break from mining to work in a local community in Western Australia.

“At that time, I felt there was so much gift and talent within me that I needed to explore. After working in the community dealing with refugees and domestic violence issues, I went back into mining and worked as a metallurgical technician, process technician, graduate metallurgist and finally a plant metallurgist. Within these roles, I did a lot of laboratory test work, trained operators, operated process equipment and controlled the day to day operation of the processing plant to ensure that production targets were met.”


Joining BASF’s Mining Solutions team recently as a Technical Sales Manager, Jane’s role involves visiting mine sites, performing flocculation test work, managing accounts, writing technical reports and acting as the main representative between BASF and the mining customers. Jane says she’s most looking forward to travelling to mine sites and providing customers with all kinds of flocculants support. “One thing about me is that I love solving problems and this role offers me that opportunity,” she said.

When asked what she loves most working in the industry, Jane says it’s a combination of the diversity of tasks and roles, the ability to solve complex problems and the opportunity for continuous learning.

“I love the processes that goes into extracting the valuable metal from the gangue material, but I also love the fact that the mining industry is very diverse and challenging. I am fascinated by the chemistry of metal extraction and the fact that you are always learning. The mining industry exposes you to different people, problems and minerals so the opportunity to grow and be innovative is vast and I am the type of person that thrives on challenges as I look at challenges as an opportunity for innovation.”

Outside of work Jane likes to spend time with family and friends, watch movies, go dancing, travelling, shopping and laughing a lot. “I am passionate about music, writing and fashion, so in my free time I like to write or design clothes. I am quite creative so in my free time, I try to focus on my creative gift and talent.”