Mercedes Benz Brighton ahead of curve with Glasurit 100 Line

Glasurit 100 Line is the most advanced and eco-friendly refinish coatings product in the global market

Mercedes Benz Brighton prides themselves on staying ahead of the curve, driven by their pursuit for market leadership, operational efficiencies and sustainable practices. So, it comes as no surprise that when they were approached to be one of the first auto repairers in the world to trial Glasurit, BASF's premium refinish brand, new game changing 100 Line technology, they jumped at the opportunity.

Glasurit 100 Line is the most advanced and eco-friendly refinish coatings product in the global market and after installing and trialing it over the last nine months, Peter Sparks, Autobody Manager at Mercedes Benz Brighton, and his team of spray technicians are making the switch.

“We’ve found it really easy to use, and I know the team have really appreciated the change from an application point of view – it’s very easy to use,” he explained.

Glasurit 100 Line boasts the benefits of new pigment and resins technologies, ensures a faster process through easy application, lower product consumption and great colour matching.

“We’re finding the colours are more in line with what the OEM factories have been producing on the vehicle, resulting in less colour variations. The drying is much quicker and harder – which I know our technicians really appreciated during the painting process. We’re also using less product per application and have found we save around 25% of time for an average size job which then allows us to increase throughput through the business,” he adds.

Since 1988, Glasurit has stood for perfect quality, social and ecological responsibility, supported by BASF’s strong global R&D network, the brand has continued to innovate with its customers’ need front of mind.

“At BASF, our purpose is to create chemistry for a sustainable future and the development of Glasurit 100 Line is a real example of how we’re leading the way in supporting our customers to improve both their efficiencies and environmental footprint,” explained Mark Spiteri, National Sales Manager at BASF Australia and New Zealand.

“We always have a sustainable approach at Mercedes Benz Brighton, and we’re increasingly looking at recycling and giving back to our local community, so it’s a great, added benefit to be able to reduce our VOC emissions with 100 Line too,” Peter says.

Peter says the process to date has been an easy one thanks to the support of the BASF team.

“I have to highly commend the process of transition, like with any change there has been some minor teething problems along with way, which were resolved quickly from the technical support received from James Green, Michael Mudford and Ian Johnson. Nothing is too much trouble, and we’ve always had their full support,” Peter adds.

“As our customers have come to expect with Glasurit, our offer does not come alone. It includes a complete portfolio of product solutions, colour solutions and signature solutions in one complete package to bring additional value to our customers,” added Mark.

Looking ahead, Peter says he’s excited about the future of 100 Line and introducing the products to come.