EC-Lock+ Technology

Innovative Rain Mark Resistant Solution for Exterior Coatings


Rain streak marks or snail trails are one of the main early discoloration phenomena in exterior coatings, especially in dark finishes. The uneven vertical shiny stripe marks appear on the coating’s surface after rain, or due to dew formation.

BASF’s new EC-Lock technology prevents water penetration and locks the excipients, which can stop them migrating to the surface. Hence, it can reduce early rain marks / snail trails and avoid formation of dirt streak marks on the coating surfaces.

BASF’s new EC-Lock Technology – without marks on the exterior walls!

BASF’s Rain Marks Resistance Coatings Solution is designed to address the rain streak marks / snail trails, especially during the early stage of exterior coatings after application. Rain mark resistant is achieved by the following ways:

  1. EC-Lock Technology - High density crosslinked film
    The coating consists of internal cross-linking to prevent water penetration which leads to improved coating performance
  2. Hydrophobically modified dispersing agent
    The internal cross-linking prevents water penetration, leading to improved coating performance
  3. EC-Lock+ Technology – Synergistic effect of polymer dispersion and dispersing agent
    Water penetration can be reduced by interlocking excipients, stopping them migrating to the surface during the early curing of coatings

Why is EC-Lock rain mark resistant?


EC-Lock Rain Marks Resistance coating solutions

Acronal® PLUS

Acronal® PLUS functionalized polymer dispersion was developed with the latest EC-Lock Technology, effectively addresses the early rain streak marks, high durability and outstanding color retention.

Acronal® PLUS 7018  
Application Exterior coatings
MFFT (ºC) ca. 24˚C
pH value 8.0–10.5
Viscosity (sp#1,20rpm) 50–100 cps
Solid content (%) 45 +/- 1

EC-Lock+ “Near-Zero” rain marks coating solutions


Dispex® CX 4231 is a highly efficient ammonium salt of a carboxylic acid copolymer. Effective for dispersing of inorganic fillers and pigments in paints with a pronounced hydrophobic character. Synergistic effect with Acronal® PLUS for outstanding rain streak marks resistance and high durability.

Dispex® CX4231:  
Application Rain mark resistant exterior dispersion
Solid contents (%) 30


Raw Materials Dosage Description
Water 200.0  
Natrosol® 250 HBR 4.0  
AMP95 2.0  
Dispex® Ultra FA 4480 1.0  
Dispersant 5.0-10.0 Dispersant
Foamaster® MO NXZ 2.0 Defoamer, BASF
CC 1000 80.0 Calcium carbonate
CC700 300.0 Calcium carbonate
Dispersion 290.0  
Foamaster® MO NXZ 2.0 Defoamer, BASF
Acticide EPW 3.0 Fungicide
Acticide MV 1.0 Biocide
Texanol 15.0  
Propylene Glycol 10.0  
Rheovis® PU 1291 3.0 HEUR, BASF
Water 77.0 - 82.0  
Total 1000.0  

Color matching

Added 10% blue-black mixed color paste in titanium-free white base paint to make it dark gray.

Raw Materials Description
Titanium-free white base paint 1000.0
Mixed color paste 100.0

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