It’s a Piece of Cake!

Reduce binder content and improve performance with Solution 6.5

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What does paint have to do with cheesecake?

To make a nice cheesecake, you need different ingredients such as flour, sugar, vanilla extract and cream cheese.

But can a bakery use less cream cheese (highest cost impact) to bake a tastier cheesecake? 

The same applies to paint formulation –

You need water, pigments and fillers, binder and additives to produce paints. Binder has the highest cost impact in a formulation. If paint manufacturers can use less binder for their paint and in the meantime, enhance paint performance, they will be able to sell a better product at higher margin.


And BASF makes it possible with Solution 6.5! 


Solution 6.5 = Cost-efficiency + Innovation

BASF’s latest “Costovative” Solution 6.5 is a cost-efficient and innovative package with the right binder and additives contents. It minimizes paint formulation costs by reducing binder dosage from roughly 10% to 6.5%, and TiO2 is as low as 2.5%. Meanwhile, it enhances the performance of the paints with higher opacity, superior scrub resistance and it’s APEO free. 


Solution 6.5 is developed with the latest technology with ideal monomer ratios, advanced cross-linking and optimized particle size.


  • Acrylic-styrene gives excellent water and efflorescence resistance
  • Excellent binding power
  • Imparts film strength and better interaction with pigments
  • Compatible with Asian pigments and extenders
  • APEO free to fulfil basic environmental requirements   

Start using Solution 6.5 now and make your paints more profitable with better performance! 


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