Accounts Payable Europe

BASF Accounts Payable performs professional invoice management, covering the process of invoice receipt, invoice verification and prompt and due payment of invoices. In this capacity we look after more than 80 BASF companies in Europe and handle over 3 million invoices a year.


In daily business we focus our efforts on the continuous development and improvement of existing processes. Thanks to the close and constructive cooperation with our suppliers, our committed and qualified employees and the involvement of established providers, we have continually been able to improve efficiency and speed in the invoice handling process.

We intend to continue increasing added value for BASF and therefore for our suppliers. We will achieve this by cooperating even more intensively with our business partners and exploiting potential for further process optimization.

Please support us in these efforts so that you too can benefit directly from fast and efficient handling of invoices. Compliance with our invoicing standards and use of favored invoice receipt channels constitute two key criteria. Further important information on these topics is provided below.

Our success factors

Ensuring invoice quality, in combination with choosing the right invoice receipt channel, acts as a guarantee for an efficient invoice handling process and timely payment of the invoice amount.