Economic Dimension

Sustainable investments

BASF shares are particularly attractive for investors, which incorporate environmental, social and governance criteria into their investment decision. There is a growing awareness in the financial market that a company geared towards sustainable development can outperform peers over the long-term while minimizing risks. The inclusion in sustainability indices and rankings is a confirmation of our performance concerning environmental and social issues. Rating agencies have particularly highlighted our community engagement, employee relations, sustainability reporting, business ethics and the development of sustainable products.

Business case: Production Verbund

Our Production Verbund - from the German word meaning integration - involves the efficient use of by-products and excess energy in a dense network of production plants. This saves costs and is easier on the environment.

GTZ study on the investment in Nanjing

With the intention of measuring the impact of foreign direct investments on the local environment of the host country, the GTZ has conducted a study on the economic, environmental and social impact of BASF's investment in Nanjing, China.