We never compromise on safety. We focus on prevention in order to design and operate safe plants worldwide and to transport, handle and store our products safely. We respond to emergencies by being well prepared at all times and at all sites.

Energy and Climate Protection

Climate change is a societal challenge. Innovative solutions developed by BASF contribute to protecting our climate, and we also work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our value chain. Energy efficiency plays a key role in this context.

Responsibility along the value chain

Over the long term, value-added growth can only be achieved if economic success harmonizes with social and environmental responsibility. Our efficient processes preserve the environment, since we sparingly use resources and reduce emissions.


The sustainable use of water and worldwide conservation of natural water resources are of concern to us. We reduce emissions to water from our production processes, and offer products that save water and improve water quality.


The 1992 Earth Summit at Rio de Janeiro showed that companies can make an important contribution to biodiversity and its long-term benefits.