Unser Carbon Management-Programm

In 2018, we started a global Carbon Management Program that will help us reach our new climate target 2030 and enable further reductions in the long term.

Since 1990 we have halved our greenhouse gas emissions – while more than doubling our production. However, further reduction of greenhouse gas emissions will be increasingly difficult due to the high degree of efficiency that we have now reached with our processes. Nevertheless, we do not want to serve the globally growing demand for chemical products at the cost of the climate. We have therefore set ourselves the target of CO2-neutral growth until 2030*, which means growth without an overall increase in greenhouse gas emissions.


In order to enable further greenhouse gas savings in the chemical industry in the long term, completely new technologies are needed, which we are already starting to look into.  


* Our goal includes other greenhouse gases converted to CO2 equivalents. For further information, see Annual Report.


BASF Research Press Conference on January 10, 2019

Carbon management at BASF – R&D strategies to reduce CO2

Our Carbon Management Program involves the following elements: