Facts and Figures

Since 2013, we were able to reduce the number of worldwide transportation accidents per 10,000 shipments by 70%. In our reporting on transportation incidents, we have focused since 2015 on dangerous goods spillages that significantly impacted the environment.

We report on dangerous goods leaks of BASF products in excess of 200 kilograms on public transportation routes, provided BASF arranged the transport. For a number of years, we have been documenting leakages of dangerous goods in excess of 20 kilograms on public routes in order to identify potential weak points. Product leakage of 200 kilograms or more of dangerous goods is described as a major event.

We recorded two incidents in 2017 with spillage of more than 200 kilograms of dangerous goods (2016: 2). None of these transportation incidents had a significant impact on the environment (2016: 0).