Innovating for Sustainability

Turning down the Heat: Capturing Carbon for a Cooler World

The world is getting warmer. While countries around the world have pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow global warming, more must be done. The Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Project in Hokkaido, Japan – the first carbon capture and storage plant near an urban area – selected BASF gas treatment technology to capture and secure carbon dioxide. It’s on its way to capturing a million tons of carbon dioxide – and is capturing minds and imaginations in the process.

Xerion’s technology allows for highly accurate readings of omega-3 index, empowering consumers to make informed choices on improving their omega-3 levels by increasing their intake through food or supplements.

A fingerprick that could save your life

Omega 3 is known as the heart-healthy fat: it helps prevent cardiovascular disease which claims more than 17 million lives worldwide every year. Yet too many people don’t get enough Omega-3 in their diets. And to check – use a PUFACoat Omega-3 test kit. A prick of the finger enables testing of an individual‘s Omega-3 level and once known there are recommendations on how to increase or maintain a healthy Omega-3 level. Chemistry is enabling personalised nutrition – helping millions lead healthier, longer lives.

Students and community representatives enjoy water from the Water ATM.

Safe water and sanitation project in Navi Mumbai

Clean drinking water can be expensive for slum residents in India. Can we make rainwater drinkable at a very low cost? BASF’s Landmark Project is making it happen. This initiative creates an innovative social business model for local communities to harvest and purify rainwater using BASF’s technologies, and offer clean and affordable drinking water to the residents.

Building Sustainable Communities with Water Permeable Paving Materials

Two independent studies conducted by NASA have confirmed that groundwater reserves are depleting all over the world, and which can trigger a global drought in the coming decades. BASF has developed an array of solutions that is mindful of the environment while supporting the rapid growth of urbanization. 

Innovative catalyst technologies for cleaner air

With its Innovative catalyst technologies, BASF helps Weichai cope with the most stringent emission control regulations, improves the comprehensive product capabilities and achieve greater business success. 

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

A growth in sedentary lifestyles and high-fat diets has seen incidences of cardiovascular disease (CVD) increase. As a result, on average, someone now dies every 12 minutes in Australia from CVD. Taking a proactive stance against this and choosing food products fortified with plant sterols can significantly reduce the threat of heart disease, particularly for those most at risk.

Ultra-light utility poles bring electricity back to snow-covered Anhui city within one day

Powering on – despite the storm

In January 2018, a severe storm knocked out almost 250 concrete utility poles in Anhui Province, China. With each pole weighing just 250kg – less than a quarter of the weight of a similar concrete pole, Anhui Huike Hengyuan Composite Material Company Limited (Huike) was able to quickly transport 40 Elastolit® utility poles to the site. Requiring less manpower and equipment than conventional poles, the flexible poles were installed in just 20 hours. Electricity was restored within one day – and has been on ever since. 

Making two-wheelers less polluting to combat air pollution in India

Two-wheelers are the lifeline of urban Asia, where they account for more than half of the vehicles owned in some countries. This trend is amply evident in India, where sales in the sub-category of mopeds alone rose 23% in 2016-17. In fact, one survey estimates that today one in every three Indian households owns a two-wheeler.

Last Update 07 September 2018