Who we are

What is Creator Space?

In today’s dynamic markets, breakthrough innovations occur - at cross-discipline and cross-industry interfaces and environmental, and social outcomes need to take center stage. In this environment, we need new skills to support our world class R&D. That's why we launched Creator Space at BASF. That is what Creator Space stands for:

Creator Space brings people together to imagine and co-create the markets, technologies and business models of the future. It turns front-end innovation into a fast-paced learning program, using state-of-the-art innovation methods and strategies. Exploring fast-evolving markets and technology trends, understanding future challenges, ideation and rapid testing of concepts requires thinking like start-ups. 

Creator Space was launched as a part of the company’s 150th anniversary. Our waves are driven by teams from across our world-class research platforms and our operating divisions.

Innovation Campus in Shanghai, polyurethane research  / Innovati

How we work - Our approach to innovation

To come up with great ideas and business innovations, we look for a wide variety of backgrounds and interdisciplinary experience inside and outside BASF.

What we do - Information on our current projects

Creator Space teams are working on around a dozen projects, which are at very different phases of development. Learn more about our current projects.