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There are several Creator Space teams driving projects. If you would like to participate as an ecosystem partner or a lead user, please contact us. If you are building an innovation ecosystem and think chemistry could be an enabler. We would love to talk to you. Take a look at some of our current projects.

The Future of Clean Garments

Industrial laundry will face major changes in the coming years, mainly driven by digitization, smart textiles, robotics, new washing technologies and increasing urbanization.

Digital Industrial Construction

The construction industry will be transformed in the upcoming years. These changes will be enabled by advances in digitization and automation. At the same time, industry will demand solutions that reduce the environmental footprint of construction and allow us to reuse resources and reduce energy and water consumption. This can be a huge opportunity for innovation construction materials and systems.


Façade builders and module producers as well as architects, lighting-designers and investors want to make the inner environment of buildings brighter and healthier for residents and users. They also want to save energy. BASF is working with partners to create a daylighting system that brings daylight into the depth of buildings, is flexible enough to be integrated into the building design, affordable, and meets daylighting requirements. 

Our Challenge in all of these initiatives: How can BASF collaborate to drive business while fostering responsible and sustainable innovations?

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Creator Space teams are working on around a dozen projects, which are at very different phases of development.

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