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Future Energy Systems in Ludwigshafen

With the Energiewende, Germany is taking a pioneering role in the reduction of greenhouse gases and the mitigation of global warming. Therefore the last Creator Space Tour Stop in Ludwigshafen was dedicated to Energy 2 go & Future EnergySystems:

How to design the energy systems of the future to make sure that they are intelligent, flexible and sustainable?

Three Challenges were created:

  • Future Energy Systems: How to create urban, rural and even domestic energy systems, that save and use energy sustainably?
  • Energy 2 go!: What could be the individual and the municipal contribution to foster climate change?
  • Energy storage, back-up systems, flexibility options: What could be mobile, chemical and technological options for a better energy use?

White Paper on future energy systems in Ludwigshafen

You will find all results of this challenges in our White Paper on Future Energy Systems.