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Quality of Life

Michael M Thackeray

Does free trade still matter?

Karl Brauner, PhD, World Trade Organization, and Professor Daniel Hamilton, Johns Hopkins University, Washington, D. C., USA, talk about the right approach to meet the challenges for international trade.

Michael M Thackeray

Why free trade matters

Teressa Szelest, President, Market and Business Development North America for BASF Corporation, explains why trade creates wealth and leads to better products and lower prices.


Clear messages

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology (IDMT) in Oldenburg, Germany, have developed a software that significantly improves speech intelligibility.


Long-term treatment against aging

The clear, cubist forms of the gleaming white Fundació Joan Miró building soar into the blue skies over Barcelona. However, the quality of the concrete, compounded by its exposure to the salty sea climate, caused the building to age rapidly.


Award-winning restoration

Like a castle adorned with battlements, towers, columns and little round arches, the JN Petit Institute with its library and reading room is a jewel in the historical center of Mumbai.


Completly refurbished headquarters of the UN

It is the most expensive renovation of a public building ever: It cost $2.15 billion to update the U.N. headquarters in New York.


Shuttling between the Atlantic and Pacific

In January 2016 the world’s longest bus line, the Transoceánica, started offering service between Rio de Janeiro and Lima. It takes 102 hours to travel the 6,200 kilometer route between the two cities.


Maintaining a healthy flight environment

Removing ozone from the cabin air makes air travel more comfortable.


Keeping it real

Fake goods are often hard to tell apart from the genuine article. Companies come up with innovative ways to keep one step ahead of the counterfeiters.

Seized counterfeit Viagra phamaceuticals

„A significant threat to our economy, health and safety”

Michael Walsh, Director at U. S. Customs and Border Protection, wants to stop counterfeits entering the country. He describes some of the main challenges.


The color of hope

The parasites from the Plasmodium genus that cause malaria, have developed resistance to most current medicines. A 19th century dyestuff, methylene blue, could provide an answer.


How polymer beads cut utility costs in laundry

Researchers at the pioneering start up Xeros in the United Kingdom have developed a revolutionary solution addressing saving potential as well as quality improvements in laundry.


A big supporter of little scientists

Among other things, SAP founder Dietmar Hopp supports educational projects, including the “Little Scientists’ House.”


Bubbles with great potential

Foams provide a wide variety of products, from mattresses to car bodies and chocolate mousse, with special properties.


Floating air purifiers

Every movement they make circulates and cleans the air.


Safety in a spray can

When sprayed onto clothing or a bicycle, the safety spray LifePain is reflective in the glare of car headlights.


The source of progress

Without innovation, progress is impossible. What is the essence of innovation and how can it be fostered?


Innovative uses for 3D printing

3D printing is evolving rapidly. Innovative applications around the world appear almost every day.


3D in real time

The XperYenZ™ sensor system is the first that, in real time, can measure the distance to an object using the light reflected by it.


Nanoelectronics - The miniaturizing principle

Increasingly small structures require the purest chemicals. How nanoelectronics is changing our everyday life.


Clean room supreme

Even the tiniest specks of particulate matter can ruin entire production runs: Chemicals for semiconductor electronics manufacturing are tested for purity in BASF’s cleanroom lab.


Frustration can be the mother of invention

Inventor and industrial designer Sir James Dyson wants to inspire the next generation of engineers with his foundation.


Compostable coffee capsules

Coffee at the touch of a button is convenient. However, coffee capsules leads to growing waste piles. This is where ecovio®, BASF’s biobased plastic, is set to provide relief.


Bright light headsets against winter blues

In the future, light headsets will offer a treatment for winter blues when the days get shorter and duller.


A chance to learn

Japanese singer Ai Kawashima is building 100 schools, giving children access to education.


Airbags for cyclists

Hövding, an airbag for cyclists offers a new way of protection against head injuries.

Adidas boost running shoe with granulate ball

Energy every step of the way

With the adidas BoostTM  running shoe, the impact energy of jogging is no longer wasted - it is sent back to the runner.


Pioneering thinker – then and now: Methylene blue

In 1876, Heinrich Caro discovered the dye, methylene blue. Today, Claude Wischik wants to use it to combat Alzheimer’s.


Enlightenment through gravity

The electric light “GravityLight“ uses gravity to generate light. It has been invented for developing countries.

Light between fingers

The reinvention of light

Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) have the potential to revolutionize the lighting market.

Laboratory with two persons dressed in blue

BASF researchers are taming blue light

With a new blue dye BASF wants to create an innovation on the lighting market.

Light installation view from the bottom

Taking lighting to a new dimension

Rogier van der Heide, Philips Vice President and Chief Design Officer, talks about fascinating new organic lighting concepts and his personal visions for the future.

Child with a touchable

Making a career through life-long learning

Companies that want to attract and retain committed and motivated employees have to put training and development center stage.

Tokay feet view from the bottom

Nanotechnology – a science under discussion

Can tiny nanoparticles meet the high expectations that are being placed on them? A debate between two experts.

Dr. Wolfgang Hapke

Employees want a total package

Dr. Wolfgang Hapke, President Human Resources at BASF, talks about trends in HR.

Business talk with four persons

Every age counts

Prof. Dr. Ursula M. Staudinger from Columbia University, New York, about life-long learning and the challenges for companies.  

Benny Landa in front of a building

The bridge builder

Entrepreneur Benny Landa has set up a fund to overcome the differences in Israeli society through education.

Laughing girls

Fighting the war on malaria

Malaria cases and deaths are falling. We examine the reasons for this and find out how the fight against malaria is succeeding.  

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs

The great campaigner

U.N. Special Advisor Jeffrey Sachs explains why we can win the fight, and the challenges that lie ahead.  

Three girls in a hammock

Making a difference

We look at what happened when one malaria-afflicted community received insecticide-treated bed nets.  

Woman under a mosquito net

Net value

We examine the science behind the innovations from BASF that are helping combat malaria.

Podium discussion

Funding the fight

Will existing fundings towards malaria control be sufficient to reach the UN’s Millennium Development Goal?  

Child in bed

The malaria cycle

An infographic shows how malaria infects humans and how the disease spreads.  

Woman with child

A vaccine against malaria?

Developing an anti-malaria vaccine has proved challenging. After intensive research, recent breakthroughs are inspiring new hope.  

Light construction with a bottle

Liters of light

Humble discarded plastic bottles will bring light to the slums in Manila.  

Car model

Scratch-resistant clearcoat

Microscratches, from using a car wash, for example, could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to BASF’s new clearcoat iGloss®.

Man with a trolley

Chemistry around us: non-iron shirts

How does a shirt become non-iron?
A short explanation of an everyday solution.