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Resources, Environment and Climate

Michael M Thackeray

Pioneering thinker – then and now: electricity from chemistry

In 1800, Alessandro Volta described the first-ever functioning battery. Michael Thackeray, PhD, later paved the way for lithium battery technology.


Personal wind power

A wind turbine you can pack in the back of your car and take with you – nemoi, developed by Argentinean company Semtive.


Light from saltwater

Bringing light into Philippine huts and houses with saltwater is an idea developed by Aisa and Raphael Mijeno and their Asian startup SALt.

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Storing sunshine

Solar thermal power plants can convert the sun’s energy into electricity when the sun is not shining. Experts foresee a great future for this is environment-friendly technology.


Circular vision in the East

Professor Du Huanzheng, Director at Tongji University, believes China has a few things to learn but also a lot to share about circular economy.


Circular economy: A visionary roadmap?

In a world of limited resources, new economic models are needed. The circular economy is an idea that is gaining ground. What does it mean and how does it work?


Naturally good? Searching for new bio-based raw materials for industry

Worldwide, the bioeconomy is gaining traction. But a lot of research and development still needs to be done. When are renewable resources truly good?


3 questions for Nikolaus Raupp

BASF project manager Nikolaus Raupp, PhD, explains how the biomass balance approach certified by technical inspection board TÜV SÜD works.


Using nature to protect plants

We take a look inside a BASF production site in England that breeds nematodes – tiny worms that can be used in plant protection to control pests.


Harvesting water from the air

A tower invented by Italian designer Arturo Vittori can collect an average of 50 to 100 liters of drinking water per day. But how does it work?


Mobility in the city of tomorrow

Autonomous vehicles, road signs on demand, self-driving capsules and cars that can be folded up for parking: A vision of how we could move around in the city of tomorrow.


Pioneering thinker – then and now: catalysis

In 1823, Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner discovered platinum catalysis. Ferdi Schüth later paved the way for high throughput technology to be used in catalysis.


Energy grows on trees

With 54 microturbines that look like leaves, the Arbre à Vent® can generate energy nearly without making any noise


Steady voltage, for smartphones, tablets and more?

A powder made from iron scrap protects our electronic devices.


Developing the batteries that will drive the future

Improving the performance of batteries is what drives researchers at BASF’s Battery Materials Lab in Amagasaki, Japan.


Plastic: A victim of its own success?

Plastics under discussion: Two experts share their views on plastics.


The future of mobility

Mobility in the 21st century requires innovation. Discover cities and technologies that demonstrate how it’s possible to meet the challenge of the century.


Time to change direction

An increasing population, climate change and urbanization – the world is changing rapidly with new demands arising. How innovative concepts are changing the future of mobility.


Keeping the world moving

Mary Crass of the International Transport Forum about strategies to improve mobility worldwide.


Buildings as Powerhouses

Intelligent façades and coatings combined with innovative insulation materials – when buildings become power stations.


Shale gas under discussion

Long-term security of energy supply or an incalculable risk? Two experts share their views on shale gas production.


CasaE - Brazil’s first energy efficient house

How do we meet rising demand for urban housing without it costing the earth? CasaE in São Paulo, Brazil’s first energy efficient house, shows some solutions.


Grass-powered lawnmowers

The idea is as spectacular as it is obvious: The lawnmower EcoMow is fueled by grass. 


How do tabs make dishes shine?

Chemistry around us: Ho do dishwashing tabs manage to get dirty dishes sparkling clear?

Shore close-up

The new source

Sea water desalination maintains the water supply on the island of Cyprus. Ultrafiltration membranes play an important role in desalination.

Marina bay skyline

The thirst of cities

Increasing numbers of cities are running dry. Smart strategies are required to ensure they are supplied with water.

Close-up of female students at Shri Venkataramana Higher Primary School

Children are the agents of change

In the Indian city of Mangalore, students learn about the value of water and share their knowledge with the community.

Bird's eye view of Kuroyon Dam in Kurobe

A world of water

John Briscoe is a cosmopolitan and a water expert. In this interview he explains what the future of water management could be.

Soccket ball lamps

Powered by play

Soccket is a ball – and a tiny power station. During a regular game of soccer, it generates and stores electricity.

Ridha Azaiz in-between a field of solar panels

Robots eliminate desert dust

Solar modules lose much of their efficiency when they get dirty. Ridha Azaiz developed a robot that cleans solar panels.

Adult with a child at a shore with bridge

Charting new waters

These three cities are leading the way toward water systems of the future.

Peepoo bag

Better hygiene thanks to Peepoo

With Peepoo, the Swedish architect Professor Anders Wilhelmson has developed an inexpensive single-use alternative to the flush toilet.

Woman with solar-powered water distiller

Quenching thirst with saltwater

Eliodomestico is a solar-powered water distiller for coastal populations in the developing world.

Man and woman in the kitchen

Magnetic cooling

The next generation of refrigerators and air conditioners will be even more environmentally friendly thanks to magnetocaloric materials.

Bird's eye view of the city of London

Our urban future

More and more people are urban dwellers. How we can solve the challenges of growing cities.

Cate Blanchet with three other persons on the top of the roof with solar panels

Staging a green revolution

How Hollywood star Cate Blanchett is transforming the Sydney Theatre Company’s home into a showpiece for sustainable building.

Close-up of Dr. Nawal Al-Hosany

The diplomat of sustainability

Dr. Nawal Al-Hosany, Director of Sustainability at Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, explains how this ambitious energy-saving project works.

View through a palisade at Masdar City

Masdar City

Masdar City will be a showcase for sustainable urban development. The buildings completed so far are using 100% renewable energy.

Lofthome by Blok Kats van Veen architects

Breaking the mold

Designed using sustainable materials, with a contribution from BASF, the Lofthome is affordable, beautiful – and as Lofthome architect Robert van Kats explains, it is proving very popular.  

Metal solar tree

Efficient solar tree

New Yorker Aidan Dwyer is just 15 years old, but has already created a stir in the solar industry.

Bird's eye view of man within recycling containers

Municipal recycling concepts

Given the growing amount of trash, municipalities have to come up with solutions for how to deal with household waste.

Michael L. Gentoso

Sustainable construction

There are many sides to sustainable housing and construction – as our glimpse around the globe shows.