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Le béton qui a contribué à la construction de The Shard

Nos adjuvants pour béton spécialement développés, rapides à mettre en œuvre, ont été utilisés pour ériger le plus haut bâtiment d’Europe occidentale, The Shard.

Standing at 310 meters, The Shard dominates the London skyline. BASF Construction Chemicals worked with technical consultant OTB Engineering to supply admixtures for the concrete being used in the structure’s core and basement levels to ensure consistent strength, quality and speed of cure. Our materials allowed the structure’s core to progress at an impressive rate of three meters a day, whilst the basement levels were built top down simultaneously. This also resulted in the development of an innovative new product, MasterGlenium SKY 569, which with its high curing speed, helped break the record for the largest continuous concrete pour to date in the UK.