QURIOSITY – BASF’s supercomputer
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Issue #7

Creating Chemistry Magazine

QURIOSITY – BASF’s supercomputer

Focus: Supercomputers

This 7th issue of the Creating Chemistry Magazine is dealing with the age of the super brains and how supercomputers and quantum computers are changing business and society. Are you curious?

The race for one quintillion

Kurt Bock, PhD, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors, BASF SE (2011 - 2018) introduces the reader to the global race to reach one quintillion computing operations per second, as well as the opportunities and limits of digital technolgies.


Human and machine: What does that imply?

Artificial intelligence - what does it mean? And what does its emergence mean for humans? Four theses on the new relationship between humans and algorithms. 


BASF supercomputer QURIOSITY

How the new supercomputer is driving digitalization

QURIOSITY – BASF’s supercomputer
QURIOSITY – BASF’s supercomputer

What is AI?

What examples and advances have there been, and what developments are emerging for the future?

From Z1 to AI

It is exciting to look back: Learn more about the history of computers


Broaden your mind

Explore further topics such as the challenge of palm oil or the future of diesel.