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Xemium® – Fungicide with Long-Term Effect

Highly effective fungicide with long-term effect against fungal infestation

BASF’s innovative fungicide Xemium® moves throughout the plant reaching far into the outermost points of the leaf and has a high efficacy over a long period of time. It can be applied directly onto the seeds as a seed treatment, so that only a small amount is needed – making the work of farmers easier and providing protection from day one. In contrast to other crop protection products, Xemium can be applied to specialty crops such as fruit and vegetables as well as to arable crops such as soy beans and grains. In the meantime it is available in more than 30 countries, including key agricultural markets such Brazil, Germany and the U.S., for nearly 100 different crops – from A for apple to Z for zucchini.


The research behind

The active substance Xemium is the latest development from many years of research into the carboxamide class of compounds.

Since 2001, a team of BASF researchers has been involved in manufacturing carboxamide-based crop protectants. Ulf Groeger in his position as Global Marketing Manager has led the project team from 2007 to 2013. We talked to Mr. Groeger about the special properties and mechanisms of action of Xemium.

What properties make Xemium outstanding?
Mainly two properties make the fungicide so successful: its long-lasting effect and its unusual dispersal characteristics within the plant. Since the active substance can penetrate through the membrane layers of the plants and the fungi affecting them, it travels to the outermost leaf tips. Thanks to its excellent efficacy combined with its remarkable mobility, Xemium acts as a protective shield for the entire plant.

How das Xemium work?
Xemium exerts its effect in the mitochondria, the power plants of the cell. The fungicide very specifically blocks the respiratory chain of the cell and prevents available energy from being conserved in the ATP molecule. This deprives the fungi of their vital energy supply.

For you, what was special about this research project?
In 2011, we successfully launched Xemium in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. The fungicide is now approved on the North and South American continent and is thus on the best way to becoming a crop protectant broadly used worldwide. The project was a great challenge for us all: very good cooperation and intensive preparation were necessary to introduce the active substance so quickly in many important global markets. This was an exciting time for me, for us all.

Xemium® â   ein neues Multitalent gegen Pilzkrankheiten / Xemiu
Xemium® – a new multi talent against fungal deseases

Xemium® – a new multi talent against fungal deseases