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Issues and Positions


BASF advocates across a broad range of issues which are related to our company. Our focus is on advocating for: 

  • A global level playing field in energy and climate policies
  • Free and fair trade policy and market access
  • Evidenced-based decision making of regulatory approvals
  • Sustainable development
  • A research driven policy making and a society open for innovation

As part of our dialog we regularly contact and meet with government departments, members of parliament, NGOs and other stakeholders in many of the countries where we do business.


European Green Deal

The European Green Deal is the EU Commission’s response to environmental-related challenges we are facing globally. By creating chemistry for a sustainable future, our innovations are contributing to the European Union’s ambitions.

Making the EU Green Deal a Success

Steam cracker at BASF's Ludwigshafen site


Climate change is a societal challenge. Innovative solutions developed by BASF contribute to protecting our climate, and we also work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our value chain. Energy efficiency plays a key role in this context.


Digitalization in a production plant at the Ludwigshafen site


Digitalization presents big opportunities for us. Using digital technologies and data, we are creating additional value for our customers and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes.


Der Supercomputer der BASF hat seinen Betrieb in Ludwigshafen aufgenommen


When it comes to expediting digitalization at BASF, research and development play a key role.