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First Challenge Campaign 2018/2019

We proudly present the winners of our first challenge campaign 2018/2019! We are looking for long-term relationships with startups to drive our digital transformation. In this first round the selected winners received pilot budgets from €50.000 – €100.000. We are now in the middle of the pilot project implementations, aiming for a BASF-wide solution rollout. Click on the challenges to find out what they were about…and stay tuned for the next round coming up soon!

Employee Feedback

Transform the way we collect and analyze feedback across our company.

Market Research

Help us better understand our customers’ needs and identify new market opportunities.

Condition Monitoring

Stay on top of corrosion, creep and other material changes in our equipment.

Material Performance

Measure how our plastic materials perform in real situations.

Damage Recognition

Easily recognize vehicle damages and calculate repair efforts.