Who we are

How we started?

BASF celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2015 by bringing together people and ideas around the world to find new answers to the most critical questions of our times. The world's largest chemical company is committed to opening up to all members of society, friends and critics, to take on new perspectives in chemistry and beyond.

In 2015, 50 Creator Space teams from around the world worked to understand and develop solutions related to smart energy, urban living and food. Activities at the Creator Space tour stops in New York, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Mumbai, Barcelona and Ludwigshafen took the broadest view, engaging industry, civil society, policy makers, thought leaders, scientists and NGOs to look at challenges holistically.

Many team members from BASF and its partner network spoke to award-winning documentary filmmaker Thomas Grube about their thoughts, fears and hopes. Grube accompanied BASF and its co-creation partners for two years. The resulting film “Experiment 150 – Co-creating for a sustainable future” was premiered on June 24th, at the Festival of German Film in Ludwigshafen.

“Changes become possible when enough people pursue a certain idea or adopt a certain mindset. Our own actions drive the process. If we follow our convictions and, say, build networks with others, we stand a chance of arriving at new and unconventional ways of seeing the world. We could become active and form new coalitions in which to seek out answers. Valuing ourselves could come second to the value of pursuing a goal for the community. These are the ideas and suggestions that I encountered on my travels.” Thomas Grube, Director of the documentary "Experiment 150 – Co-creating for a sustainable future"

If you want to take a closer look, here are the links to some of the shorter clips on some of our topics:

Since then, we have worked with our customers and partners to build solutions to challenges such as water supply in off-grid communities in Mumbai and North Africa, food waste in South America and the U.S., sustainable farming in China, energy storage in Ludwigshafen and renewable, recyclable polymers in North America.

More projects

Insights and relationships built in 2014 and 2015 led us to the themes of our new Creator Space waves: The future of clean garments and digital industrial construction. You can learn more about our projects here.