Who we are

How we work?

Creator Space contributes to concrete business outcomes by involving stakeholders and partners with complementary capabilities to build new innovation ecosystems. To come up with great ideas and business innovations, we look for a wide variety of backgrounds and interdisciplinary experience inside and outside BASF. 

This is our approach:

  • Insight driven – connecting market and technology trends
  • Collaborative – from exploration to business solution design
  • Creative – using state-of-the-art innovation methods
  • Interactive – fast learning loops that inform market and technology development

How it works: In three phases

  • Exploration – We start by going out and exploring, searching for today’s market and technology trends, working out what tomorrow’s key challenges will be and which ones we think we can address, and building a network to work on these challenges.
  • Ideation – Next, we work with partners, customers and colleagues, to come up with ideas to meet these challenges, then develop the best ideas further into concepts using a tailored business model framework.
  • Incubation – When the concepts are ready, we take them into the Incubation phase, using lean start-up approaches to test critical assumptions and reduce the highest uncertainties.

In short innovation test circles: We run prototypes, measure the results and learn from the feedback of our potential future clients to test our assumptions and start the next test circle - until a clear business case is created.

How to participate

If you are building an innovation ecosystem and think chemistry could be an enabler: We would love to talk with you.

Who we are

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