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Mitigation of food loss and waste in Brazil

The Creator Space Tour Stop in Sao Paulo from the 17th to 23rd August 2015 was motivated by the fact that one in every nine of the world’s people currently suffers from hunger and malnourishment.

Therefore we focused in Sao Paulo on the major question: How can we improve awareness and offer new management solutions to avoid food losses?

This question was divided into four challenges:

  • Sustainable Potato Production: How to improve sustainability of potato production in Brazil?
  • Waste Reduction: How to reduce waste and losses throughout the Brazilian Wheat Production Chain?
  • Food Waste and Loss (FWL): How to Reduce FWL in the tomato supply chain in Brazil?
  • EduCreator: A Broad Awareness Campaign to promote better consumer behavior has to be created.

White Paper on mitigation of food loss and waste in Brazil

All results of this challenges you will find in our White Paper on Mitigation of food loss.