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LUX - Incubation in Action

The challenge of the project LUX is to create a daylighting system that is flexible enough to be integrated into the building design, affordable and to meet daylighting requirements. Façade builders and module producers as well as architects, lighting-designers and investors want to make the inner environment of buildings brighter and healthier for the residents and users.

Technical experiments such as computational modelling and simulation of the system were already carried out in our labs, while interviews took place with potential customers and influencers about this topic. The outcomes were measured and learnings captured, so that we already had a kind of pivot in this project. This demonstrate the strength of our agile and fast innovation process. Based on our solid network of diverse expertise we managed to transfer the initial idea into a real scale prototype by testing the critical technical uncertainties. We are convinced that our daylighting solution will help differnet types of buildings, e.g. hospitals, schools, museums, and shopping centers to increase the quality of light and attractiveness for potential users.

The benefits of this marketable end-product will include increased health, well being and productivity of occupants, while helping investors increase their rents, save energy and lower the carbon footprint of their buildings at the same time.

We would love to collaborate for more innovative ideas!

If you have any contribution to the topic of lighting systems or you want to discuss with us about that issue, please contact us directly.