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BASF brings daylight deep into buildings

The daylight redirection film allows natural daylight to reach to the very heart of buildings. This is done by laminating the film comprising encapsulated micromirrors into the window.

Daylight plays a key part in our lives. It regulates our body clock and biorhythm, and is vital to our wellbeing. Natural light makes us feel better, improves our concentration, motivates us at work and makes us less prone to illness. As we spend more than 90% of our time indoors, it is crucial that we get a sufficient quantity and quality of daylight.

Daylight redirection film offers many benefits

BASF’s transparent daylight redirection film (DRF) is set to revolutionize daylighting in buildings. In the future, windows will help to control levels of both light and heat. This is achieved by laminating a light control film comprising thousands of encapsulated micromirrors into windows. The light is reflected onto the ceiling and so redirected into the heart of the room. This significantly increases the amount of space in the building receiving daylight and energy can be saved.

Daylight redirection technology principle

BASF’s daylight redirection film is an innovative product for the glass industry. It is the first highly transparent light redirection system that can be laminated directly into the glazing, and delivers benefits and new functions – for all types of building, in almost any location:

Daylight autonomy in buildings can be improved by an average of 66 percent through daylight redirection technology; the technology is generally applicable. This can massively reduce the use of artificial light in offices and residential buildings, cutting the consumption of primary energy for artificial lighting by 38% on average.


The daylight redirection film is laminated into the window. The look and transparency of the window are retained as much as possible while also creating a more pleasant space bathed in daylight. Ultimately, the windows help to significantly boost the feel-good factor for residents and employees.

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