Who we are

NORA - Northeast Research Alliance

BASF, Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the University of Massachusetts (UMass) Amherst have established a strategic research initiative called BASF’s "Northeast Research Alliance."

The goal is to work jointly in research projects to generate a better fundamental understanding in the fields of interest to BASF and based on this develop next generation technologies. NORA strives to solve the most demanding materials, chemistry and biology-related problems and to explore opportunities in data science and machine learning. To achieve this, we make use of the high level of creativity and strong expertise at BASF and our partner institutions and encourage an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems.

At NORA we are typically working on more than 20 projects at the three universities. Recent key research fields are advanced materials, 3D printing and digitalization, micro- and nanostructures, catalysis, new formulation concepts  as well as smart interfaces and biosystems. More than 30 postdocs and students and 17 faculty members are involved in these projects and are closely collaborating with key experts within BASF.

It is a truly interdisciplinary approach: Scientists and engineers from several disciplines such as chemistry, physics, biology and computer science collaborate in this research initiative. The academic partners not only provide expertise in  their fields, but also offer new and sometimes disruptive approaches to conducting research.

Besides fundamental scientific knowledge, BASF researchers contribute the necessary experience in transforming research results into technically feasible processes and products. In addition, they provide input about technology needs in different industries and applications. Any ideas and topics to be researched are decided jointly by the researchers participating in the initiative.