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BASF first committed itself to the concept of Sustainable Development on October 13, 1994 – specifically within the framework of its adopted Vision 2010 – and this date therefore marks the birth of sustainability at BASF.

Over the following years, BASF provided sustainability with a scope of action and an organizational structure. The concept was incorporated into the company’s values and guidelines, as well as in the strategy. BASF also developed structures to establish sustainability at the highest level of its organization.


What was initially defined as a long-term goal in Vision 2010, was integrated into the BASF ‘constitution’ (the company’s former corporate guidelines) three years later. In the version from 1997, the guidelines included a firm commitment to Sustainable Development. 

Wärmedämmung mit Hohlräumen / Thermal insulation with cavities

Organizational Structure

Along with binding requirements, BASF firmly embedded sustainability in the company through clear organizational structures. The decisive first step took place in 2001 with the founding of the sustainability council.