China (Mainland)

Social Engagement

With the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as its guiding principles, BASF is strengthening its social engagement through a variety of activities. We continue our commitment to supporting a better quality of life within the communities around our sites.

Stakeholder engagement

  • Community Advisory Panels for dialog with local communities
  • Open Days at major sites in Greater China
  • Stakeholder dialog sessions with Chinese NGOs


To enhance mutual understanding with various key stakeholder groups in Greater China, BASF conducts open dialog in a variety of forms, to better support the needs of the communities where we operate.

BASF supports Community Advisory Panels (CAPs) around our major production sites worldwide. Members of CAPs are elected from the local communities to regularly and openly discuss common issues of mutual interest with the site management of BASF. In Greater China, BASF supports CAPs in Shanghai, Chongqing Nanjing and NanjingChongqing.

In 2018, BASF held CAP meetings and reached out to local communities in Shanghai, Chongqing and Nanjing. In addition to regular dialog, members participated in visits to historic sites in the community, and tested recreation facilities donated by BASF.

BASF China management team and members of Shanghai Pudong CAP visit Jiangdong Academy, a histotrical site in Gaoqiao. 

Marko Murtonen, General Manager of BASF Chongqing site, plays pingpong with a CAP member. 

BASF-YPC Co. Ltd. (BASF-YPC), a 50:50 joint venture Verbund site of BASF and Sinopec in Nanjing, held its annual dialog session on environmental impact in 2018. This session fosters exchange among the management of BASF-YPC, its neighboring community, local officials and environmental experts.

In May 2018, BASF welcomed more than 300 members of the neighborhood to an Open Day at its production site in Chongqing. Through a guided site tour, stakeholders learned about site safety, production systems, environmental protection measures.

In Shanghai Caojing, BASF co-hosted a firefighting contest with Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP) to promote fire safety awareness and emergency response. A total of 105 contestants participated, with more than 300 visitors from the local community. 

In November 2018, 15 representatives from environmental and educational non-governmental organizations (NGOs) across the country were invited to BASF’s annual stakeholder dialog in Shanghai. During the event, which focused on food and nutrition, BASF executives and experts exchanged their views with NGO representatives on how innovation in chemistry can contribute to the health and welfare of both people and the natural environment.

At the Open Day in Chongqing, kids enjoy games and fun experiments. 

BASF and Shanghai Chemical Industry Park co-host a firefighting contest at BASF Caojing site on November 23, to enhance fire safety awareness and emergency response capabilities.

Teams demonstrate their professional firefighting competence at the SCIP firefighting contest.

Corporate Citizenship

  • Strengthening cooperation with partners
  • Volunteering activities across the region
  • BASF Kids’ Lab


BASF supports initiatives that have a long-term impact, and develops its not-for-profit activities in cooperation with partners and target groups while strengthening existing projects.

In 2018, BASF and Shanghai Science & Technology Museum (SSTM) expanded their strategic partnership to strengthen science education for teenagers. With the latest initiative, BASF will support the renovation of the Materials Exhibition Area at SSTM and jointly design educational activities, including visits by high school students to BASF production sites in Shanghai.

BASF continued to cooperate with the Songshuhui-Association of Science Communicators, a leading Chinese non-profit science education organization, to deliver science education programs to the public. 

Science salons supported by BASF attract over 200 participants offline, while an online discussion on scientific lifestyle generated over 6 million views and responses.

BASF sponsors a variety of volunteering options for employees, by working with local non-profit organizations.

In Shanghai, BASF employee volunteered to offer free oral English tuition to teenagers from disabled families under the “Goodwill Teacher” program. In 2018, the program was named an “Outstanding Volunteer Service Team” by the Shanghai Gaoqiao Volunteer Association.

In Hong Kong, BASF worked with Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit housing organization, to renovate homes for elderly residents, including mold removal, repainting, and installation of air conditioners. 

The BASF Taiwan Volunteer Club provided career development guidance for middle school students from underprivileged families in Chiayi County, together with Shiou Ping Education Foundation. Employees also held a Christmas celebration activity and donated gifts to the members of Kindgarden, a social welfare organization dedicated to accommodating people with intellectual disabilities.

BASF supports the Shanghai Association of Persons with Physical Disability through the “Goodwill Teacher” program.

BASF volunteers paint bedroom doors to help elderly residents find their way back to their rooms. 

Employees celebrate Christmas with the members of Kindgarden in Taiwan.

BASF Kids’ Lab is a long-standing science education program for children aged 6-12, intended to encourage them to explore science and discover the magic of chemistry through simple and safe chemistry experiments. In 2018, the program launched a new experiment and introduced a new visitor exploration area to engage not only the kids but also their families with interactive exhibits. In Shanghai, a guided tour led by BASF scientists was organized so that children could get more insights from the exhibits. 

Around 11,800 children took part in the 2018 sessions in Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Taipei, Kaohsiung and Hong Kong as of the year end. Since its launch in 2002, around 196,000 children have participated in BASF Kids’ Lab in Greater China.

Selected prizes and awards


In recognition of its commitment to sustainability in Greater China, BASF has received the “Best Corporate Citizenship” award from 21st Century Media Group for 14 consecutive years, and was among the “Ranking of Enterprises in China by Corporate Social Responsibility” by Southern Weekly newspaper for 12 consecutive years.

In 2018, BASF also won the “More than a Market Award” by the German Chamber of Commerce in China | Shanghai and the Bertelsmann Stiftung for the first time, and was awarded as one of the “Top 10 Foreign Companies in China of 10 Years in CSR” by the CSR Research Center of China Academy of Social Sciences for its continuous efforts on transparency through annual sustainability reporting.

BASF was ranked second by the Taiwan-based business publication CommonWealth magazine in its annual “Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility” in the “multinational companies” category.