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Quality of Life

By 2050, nearly 10 billion people will live on this planet. Already, consumption habits are changing rapidly, as people increasingly pay attention to the environmental and safety performance of the products they buy. BASF’s chemistry-based innovations can contribute to meeting these demands, protecting our global environment, and helping to feed the growing population, while simultaneously improving quality of life.

Improving indoor air quality

  • Oxidizing formaldehyde for fresher indoor air
  • PremAir® BLD catalyst removes ozone pollution
  • Low-odor interior paint made with dispersions derived from renewable resources


Chinese consumers are increasingly embracing a more conscientious lifestyle, focusing on the health, safety and environmental performance of their chosen products. As we spend most time indoors, improving indoor air quality is vital. BASF, as a leading chemical supplier of ingredients for household applications, provides innovative and sustainable solutions to meet this demand for a healthy indoor environment.

Formaldehyde is a common indoor air pollutant found in homes and buildings. At elevated levels it can be highly irritating to the eyes, nose and lungs. Formaldpure™ is a catalyst solution that oxidizes formaldehyde into carbon dioxide and water, thus purifying the air. It can be applied in a wide range of portable and large-scale air purification equipment, while maintaining a high level of performance over a longer period of time than existing technologies on the market.

Breathing high concentrations of ozone can trigger a variety of health problems, particularly for children, the elderly, and people with respiratory diseases, such as asthma. PremAir® BLD is the latest catalyst innovation to address the market need for a thorough and long-life mitigation technology to remove indoor ozone pollution. Field trials have shown that the catalyst can rapidly remove ozone at room temperature with a high conversion efficiency. PremAir BLD and Formaldpure catalyst can be applied simultaneously in air-purification equipment.

In May 2018, Nippon Paint, Asia’s leading coatings manufacturer and service provider, launched a new premium interior paint, Infinite Air made with BASF’s biomass balance dispersions. The dispersions are produced according to BASF’s biomass balance approach, using raw materials derived from renewable resources. This helps save fossil resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while providing excellent product performance including low odor.

Supporting future electronic devices

  • Advanced material solutions ready for 5G smart devices
  • Healthier light for indoor environment


According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), China will commercialize the Fifth Generation (5G) telecommunications networks by 2020. As users demand smarter and higher performance devices on ever faster networks, manufacturers are seeking innovative solutions to tackle the challenges ahead. With its advanced material solutions, BASF is supporting leading Chinese smart device manufacturers to develop products ready for the 5G era.

5G networks demand a substrate material with low impact on circuit performance. BASF’s NMT PBT Ultradur® Low Dk/Df solution allows device frames to achieve better overall performance on radiation efficiencies of antennas with a lower cost, compared with conventional PPS materials.

Future smartphones are expected to be thinner, with flexible/foldable screens and a more complicated inner structure, requiring higher-strength metal substances for parts such as the camera deco, hinge and middle frame. With Catamold®, a ready-to-use material for metal injection molding that allows metal to be molded like plastic, geometrically complex parts on smart phones can be manufactured economically, easily and reliably. 

BASF offers a series of functional coatings solutions, including water-borne coatings, special visual effects products, anti-finger print solutions for matte surfaces, and stain resistant coatings with a soft touch. These help the next generation of electronic devices meet consumers' expectations for functionality, aesthetics and design.

A number of smartphone parts can be produced with Catamold®

BASF Sunvue® lighting products reduce blue light and protect the eyes, while retaining brightness and color close to natural sunlight.

BASF also provides solutions for interior lighting. Conventional LED lights tend to release a high amount of blue light that can be harmful to the eyes. With the our patented organic light conversion materials, BASF’s Sunvue® lighting products reduce blue light ratios and show the real color of objects with a high color rendering index (CRI). The Sunvue product range, with a series of LED desk lamps, light tubes and light bulbs, was launched in China through on major e-commerce platforms in 2018.

Better yields and healthier bodies 

  • Drone sprayer services to save labor cost 
  • Sports nutrition to modulate inflammation 
  • Joint research with By-health on eye care product 


Mechanization and digitalization are cost-effective alternatives to solve rising labor cost and realize better field management for Chinese farmers. In 2018, the Agricultural Solutions division launched the “Fly with BASF” project in China. It combines BASF's innovative fungicides such as Opera® and Seltima® with unmanned aerial vehicle applications to provide drone sprayer services to farmers in China's rice and wheat-producing areas. This helps farmers to save labor costs, maximize efficiency and thus achieve better yields. By year end, over 6,600 hectares of rice and wheat fields in China were covered by the project. 

BASF launches sports nutrition ingredient PeptAIde™ in China to support modulation of inflammation in post-workout recovery.

Consumers today are looking for innovative, plant-based solutions to help them better regulate sports-related inflammation. In 2018, BASF launched PeptAIde™, a sports nutrition ingredient containing a unique set of plant-based peptides identified using artificial intelligence (AI). PeptAIde is vegan and does not use allergenic materials. It also delivers a natural taste profile for flexible use in various sports nutrition formats. It is now available for China market.

Eye damage has become an increasingly important issue in light of rapidly changing lifestyles. Lutein is very important for the eyes, since it selectively accumulates in the retina at the back of the eye, where it absorbs UV radiation and protects the eye from damage. With its health benefits, By-health, a leading supplement brand in China, has developed an eye protection supplement using BASF’s Xangold® lutein ester. Xangold is a natural lutein ester available, extracted and purified from marigold flowers, the richest natural source of lutein. With quality control from crop to finished product, it meets high regulatory and quality requirements. By-health and BASF will also conduct joint clinical research on lutein intervention in China for product upgrade in 2019.

Home care and skincare 

  • Co-creating cleaning technology with innovative dishwasher manufacturers in China
  • Antimicrobial ingredients for effective and long-lasting hygiene 
  • Anti-aging active ingredient helping skin stay firm


Automatic dishwashers are becoming more popular in China. However, Chinese households require machines to fit a wide variety of different kitchen needs, including innovations to tackle food residues such as oil and soy sauce stains. It thus needs new designs in both dishwashers and cleaning solutions. With its global expertise, BASF cooperated with leading local dishwasher manufacturers to develop specialized cleaning technologies to meet local market demands. This resulted in a localized detergent formulation containing chelating agent Trilon® M, which provided high performance at lower water temperatures and with shorter washing times. In 2018, it was applied in several best-selling dishwashers in China.

The chelating agent Trilon® M is a high-performance phosphate alternative for automatic dishwashing detergent. 

Tinosan® HP 100 is suitable for liquid detergents and fabric softeners as well as hard surface cleaning applications. 

Maintaining hygiene and freshness in fabrics is important for Chinese consumers, especially those who live in areas with high temperature and humidity. Antimicrobial ingredients can help to avoid bad odors and infection. BASF’s Tinosan® HP 100 meets this need in the home care industry. This broad-spectrum antimicrobial covers both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. It reduces germ transfer even in fibers, thus providing long-lasting hygiene and freshness along with antibacterial protection and odor control. 

To meet consumers’ growing demands for natural beauty ingredients and the rapid growth of anti-aging cosmetics, BASF presented a new active ingredient for the China skincare market in 2018. Based on the latest findings from BASF’s epigenetics platform, the new active ingredient RNAge™ regulates proteins by rebalancing microRNA Let-7b and rebuilding dermal architecture. It restores the skin structure for a denser and firmer dermis, reducing sagging. Extracted from sea buckthorn, RNAge is approved by COSMetics Organic Standard (COSMOS) and is listed in the Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredient in China (IECIC).

Sustainable textiles

  • Synthetic leather material without solvents used by a leading fast-fashion brand


Synthetic leather is widely used in the fashion industry. As consumers pay increasing attention to the environmental performance of the products they select, solutions without solvents are preferred by more and more manufacturers. Haptex® from BASF is a polyurethane system for synthetic leather which does not use any organic solvents. Its dry production process significantly reduces emissions of volatile organic compounds. It also offers strong stitching, high peel strength and soft haptics, just like real leather, bringing more freedom to designers. Haptex was applied by a well-known fast fashion brand in its backpack and shoe series in 2018. At customer’s request, BASF was also able to ensure that no organotin compounds were present in the material.

Haptex® is a sustainable PU (polyurethane) for synthetic leather.

Sustainable Solutions for Customers


Our research and innovations are driving the development of automotive solutions to help automakers address current and future challenges.


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