China (Mainland)

Environment and safety

At BASF, we never compromise on safety. This principle is anchored in our strategy and underlines our philosophy in operating our own facilities and dealing with third parties. Environmental protection, health and safety (EHS) as well as security, communication, and energy efficiency are embedded in our global Responsible Care® policy, which is applied to operations via our Responsible Care Management System (RCMS). This policy and the RCMS are based on BASF’s strategy and corporate guidelines and are binding for the whole BASF Group. Just as the company applies stringent standards to its own operations, we demand the same high standards of our contractors and suppliers. We choose carriers, service providers and suppliers not just on the basis of price, but also based on their performance in environmental and social responsibility.

Multiple BASF sites throughout Greater China have been certified in accordance with ISO 14001, which sets out the criteria for environmental management systems. BASF additionally conducts internal audits in compliance with the standards of ISO 19011 (for management systems) and OHSAS 18001 (for occupational health and safety systems), as well as short-notice or unannounced audits for production plants with medium to high hazard potential.