China (Mainland)

Organic Acids: Luprosil®, Amasil®

Application: Feed additive

Sustainability performance

  • Prevention of spoilage by preserving feed and raw materials
    Luprosil® in silage prevents the formation of molds and thereof reduce feed losses during storage
  • Improved feed and drinking water hygiene and reduces recontamination risk
    Amasil® reduces the pH-level in basic feed ingredients, compound feed and drinking water this creates a less favorable environment for microorganisms (e.g. salmonella or other gram negative bacteria)
  • Reduced feed losses, smart buying possible, minimized health risk
    Stabilization of feed and raw material during storage enables users to buy higher quantities of feed more flexibly, e.g. when feed prices are low

Reduction of spoilage and improved feed hygiene

Product information

Sustainability Criteria:

Climate change and energy

Resource efficiency

Health and Safety