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Security BASF Group

The intelligent handling of uncertainties is becoming an ever more important key to success.

With the concept of "Global Security", we pursue the aim of detecting all types of security risks in good time for the company throughout the world and avoiding or mitigating any damage that could affect BASF employees, our physical assets, our reputation or our knowledge.


The Concept of BASF Global Security

The "Global Security" at BASF is organized by Regional Security Teams – one in each BASF region. In addition to these teams of professionals there are networks in all regions of security experts or representatives.

Based on their individual function and security expertise they all together drive consistency of support, operational excellence and right-sized security services to the sites and the legal entities of BASF.

Cyber Security & Information Protection

IT Technician Works on Laptop in Big Data Center full of Rack Se

Cyber Security

Information Protection