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Better educational opportunities for a brighter future

Education is the key to individual personal success and a sustainable society. It opens up opportunities and is vital for participation and integration.

That is why BASF focuses its social engagement efforts on education. The organization engages in a large number of projects – from daycare to university level – all over the world, especially near company sites.

As a leading chemical company, BASF aims to stimulate an interest in science and foster curiosity. In hands-on chemistry workshops called Kids’ und Teens’ Labs, girls and boys get to be researchers and discover the world of science. More than 900,000 kids and teens around the world have taken part in experimentation programs since the first hands-on workshops in 1997. In 2017, activities will be hosted in more than 40 countries.

Research can be online, too. Under the expert guidance of mascot Dr. Bubbles, young scientists aged eight to 12 can click to choose from a vast array of interactive experiments in the Virtual Lab and learn things like how to filter and clean dirty water, why laundry gets discolored, and how solar energy and photosynthesis works. The Virtual Lab is now available in Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese as well as German and English.

Hands-on Experiments

The "Clever Foodies" Kids' Lab program and exciting tips for experimenting at home were developed in 2017 to mark the 20th anniversary. The theme is one that affects us all: healthy nutrition.

Online Experiments

The Virtual Lab is an authentic online lab for children aged 8 to 12 featuring age-appropriate science questions taken from everyday life that will encourage kids to join in and take part.

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Dr. Joachim Wünn
Teens’ Lab Koordinator