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In order to achieve our target, we have elaborated conditions which especially encompass mandatory global requirements.

Distribution Safety

Safety through uniform standards

In order to further strengthen our commitment to distribute our products safely and responsibly, we developed a group-wide BASF directive for Transportation and Distribution Safety. This directive constitutes a consistent global approach to regulate issues such as lines of responsibility, key standards and evaluation methods and is an integral part of BASF`s Responsible Care Management System, which comprises the global directives and requirements for the various steps along our value chain that we update continuously.

Besides this Directive, we also regularly developed specific Guidelines to ensure safe operations along the supply chain. In 2013 for example, we set out a new requirement to make the transport of our products by barge even safer. We also introduced a requirement for the selection of external warehouses that increases the focus on safety.

These global standards are of key importance to ensure full compliance of the group activities with international, national and local regulations in general and more particularly with all legal provisions that govern the distribution of Dangerous Goods all over the world.

A network of more than 150 colleagues operate as trained transportation safety advisors worldwide, ensuring among others compliance with the guidelines and requirements for Transportation and Distribution Safety.