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Our reviews for Environmental, Health and Safety are extremely important for the safety concept of our plants. 

Reviews at BASF for Environmental protection, Health and Safety (EHS)

For more than 10 years now, we have been stipulating mandatory EHS reviews for investment projects globally even though we are not obliged to do so by law. We use this comprehensive five-stage review system (see below) to record and assess all aspects of process safety, occupational safety, occupational health and environmental protection associated with a new plant. The aim is to identify possible risks in the construction and operation of a plant in advance and thus avoid them.

For many years now, we have set out a similar procedure for existing plants in detail and since 2013 we have summarized the complete management system for process safety in a globally applicable directive.


In order to comply uniform safety standards worldwide, we place particular importance on practice-oriented training our employees. The main focus here is on prevention. In 2013 we expanded our training measures for process safety and explosion protection and instructed more than 10,000 employees. We hold regular seminars on process safety and explosion protection with an emphasis on discussion about instruments to improve process safety as well as the use of new safety concepts and our risk matrix.

As part of our Safety Champions initiative, we put particular focus on process safety at Ludwigshafen site. Among other things, participants were shown what is essential for operating plants safely, how to recognize potential hazards early enough and to correctly assess the consequences of unsafe actions.