Glasurit® 151-170E

Application: Rapidly drying primer filler, ideally suited for minor and moderate repair jobs


Sustainability performance:

  • Repairs of minor to moderate damages to car parts are now among body shops’ most common repair jobs. They have to work profitably in this segment.
  • UV-A technology ensures quicker drying than any other heat source, commonly used in body shops. It therefore enables them to save energy costs and drying time.
  • Saves further process times because it eliminates the cooling phase.
  • UV-A radiation is the least harmful part of ultraviolet light. This makes the technology safe and easy to use.
  • Biomass balanced product: 100 percent of fossil resources are mathematically replaced by renewable resources, the method is certified by REDcert2


Boost efficiency at the speed of light


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Sustainability Criteria:



Resource efficiency

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