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Interceptor® G2 Mosquito Nets

Malaria ist jährlich für über 200 Millionen Krankheits- und fast 500,000 Todesfälle verantwortlich. Vor allem Kinder unter fünf Jahren und Schwangere sind gefährdet.
Foto – Lassen/BASF

Application: Long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito net


Sustainability performance:

  • There are 200 million malaria cases each year and numbers are rising as mosquitoes develop resistance to conventional insecticides. 
  • Interceptor® G2 is an innovative new net that combats insecticide-resistant mosquitoes. It is the first WHO-recommended mosquito net that is not based solely on conventional chemistry.
  • The novel combination of two active ingredients – chlorfenapyr and alpha-cypermethrin - both protects sleepers from malaria and combats resistant mosquitoes. 


Fusion of BASF’s expertise in textile technology and insect control for long-term effectiveness against resistant mosquitoes


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Sustainability Criteria:


Health and Safety


Resource efficiency