Luisa Bechtloff

I've studied Business Administration and Media- and Communication Studies in Mannheim and Ireland.

Why did you decide to apply for a communications traineeship at BASF?

Because the chemistry is right: Within BASF, prospects are exceptional and the work area is quite diverse. Indeed, one feels empowered, esteemed and is always up for some exciting project. Also, I hugely appreciate the zealous mindset and the feeling of improving oneself continuously. Such a good catch!
06197_2020 F 103 Besucherzentrum. Porträts von Luisa Bechloff und Julian Prade

Chemistry is ...

the “stuff” that dreams are made of and that makes anything possible. Applied cautiously it’s the key to a sustainable future worth living.


How do you spend your leisure time in the Ludwigshafen and Mannheim area? 

Raised in the Southern Palatinate, I appreciate the distinctive character of our region which is best enjoyed with a proper hiking through the forest. Afterwards, a stop by a “PWV-cabin” is mandatory. On weekends, I love meeting friends at a vineyard estate or watching eighth division football. Apart from this, I work as an instructor. The rest of the time, I enjoy reading or watching a documentary.

If you had the choice, with which fictional character would you like to switch places for a few days?

I’d love to study people as privy councilor Eduard Tobler did, especially since he was often able to make them a better human being. The same applies for witty Hercule Poirot whose keen perception I adore. Such a shrewd head! Well, I guess I can also identify myself with Emil of Lönneberga from time to time.

Where and when did you first get to hear about BASF? 

I’ve first stumbled across BASF at a very young age. I’ve been to the Kid’s Labs, although they had a different name back then. Really looking forward to coming back as a trainee soon!

What was the most exciting topic you dealt with during your communications traineeship up to now?

When I worked closely with the web developers, I realized what agile working means actually: It’s all about finding solutions together and for this, communication provides the basis. Both, customer and developer, need to underpin a level of mutual understanding which is best achieved through regular dialog. Only then, useful and helpful results are obtained. Yet, they are never entirely “completed” but dynamic and therefore constantly changing. Quite a vital issue with a lot of potential! 

Is there a historical event you wish you could have participated in?

I wish I could have joined Philipp Jakob Siebenpfeiffer and participated in the Hambach Festival. (Poor Goethe, though!) Yet, lunching with Josh Nash, having afternoon tea with Willy Brand and Egon Bahr and enjoying Anfield Road live would have been nice as well.