Join our virtual Future Leaders Summit Event!

What´s in for you?


  • Get to know the best to become one of the best - 
    meet our leaders and Members of the Board
  • Showcase your talents - prove your abilities
  • Deepdive into the world of BASF with multinational peers 
  • Grab the chance to be selected for our Top Trainee Program

A little insight into the Top Start Program

If you are still questioning, why you should apply for the Future Leaders Summit and thus for the TopStart Trainee Program, we have something for you. Dan Solomon, a current Trainee, is answering three questions about the program for you, which won´t make you hesitate anymore – enjoy! 


We are looking for exceptional graduates and young professionals with leadership potential!

  • Degree in the field of business or economics with excellent track record - ideally from an international, top ranked business school: Master, MBA or Ph.D. with no more than 3 years of work experience 
  • Global mindest through international experience, e.g. during your studies or internships at global players in the industry
  • Fluent in English and in at least one other language
  • Proven leadership potential e.g. via social commitment or in extracurricular activities
  • Outstanding personal skills in entrepreneurial action, customer orientation, strong communication and intercultural skills, and a well-developed empathy for others and a strong team spirit
  • Curious, flexible, solution-focused, and happy to deal with change while you grow by getting out of your comfort zone

Think you have what it takes? Then don’t wait and apply for this extraordinary opportunity!

How to successfully apply for the Future Leaders Summit:


How do I apply? Which documents are required?

Please use our online application form and attach your motivation letter, CV (please add your final/current average grade in your CV), high school diploma, Bachelor's degree with grades, Master's degree with grades or current transcript of grades, work references (letter or person of contact), GMAT Test Score (if available), and certificates.


What is the maximum file size I can upload?

Files such as scanned certificates must be no larger than 5MB each. Please try to use pdf formats.


In which language do I have to apply?

English is the preferred language, but applications in German are also accepted. The event will be completely in English.


What is the privacy policy regarding the online application system?

All data provided to BASF is handled strictly in accordance with German data protection legislation. HR details, including candidate information obtained via our online application system, are treated in the strictest confidence and are used exclusively for application purposes.


When and how will I receive the acceptance/refusal?

You will be informed via mail about the next process steps. If your application was successful, we will invite you for an online test to further identify the best candidates. 


How does the online test work?

You can find the information about the online test and other steps of the recruitment process here: TOP START International Business Leader Program


Where will the event take place and on what date?

The event, which takes place from 28th to 30th of March, will take place in a virtual way.


What do I have to be aware of and what tips are helpful for a video interview?

Make sure you choose a suitable background and adapt to our dress code (Business Casual). Also check if your technology is working (both audio and video) and test your internet connectivity and speed. You should also not be distracted by your cell phone or your surroundings. Also, during the interview, showing that you have studied the company and understand what is important will leave a good impression.


Is it possible to participate thus I cannot stay the whole event?

We expect your participation throughout the whole event. If you have some limitations regarding that point, please contact us in advance for consultancy.


Can I get an attendance record for my university/employer?

After the event, you could receive a written attendance record, if required. Please let us know in advance or at the event. You will also get a certificate of participation after the event.


Is there a fixed number of spots for the following job interview? What are your selection criteria?

On the event, we will select the best qualified applicants and invite them to the interview day. This is the last step before being selected as a TOP START Program member. Your complete application portfolio including your performance at the event will give us a good impression, whether you are the right one for the TOP START Program. You will find our selection criteria in the chapter “What we are looking for”. Please be yourself: Although the event is part of a selection process, it is also meant for networking and to get to know BASF as an employer much better.


Do students who participate at the event have better chances to get into the TOP START Program than applicants who apply by the standard process?

There is no difference between the two application processes. Only the event as such makes a difference but not for your chances to be part of the TOP START Program. As a benefit for both sides, the event offers the possibility to connect and by this, the students get a better insight into BASF.


Who should I contact if I have got any more questions?

Please address all questions to: and we will respond to your request in the shortest possible time.