Employee profile

Sebastian Keim, Team Leader at hte

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Sebastian Keim, Team Leader in the Mechanical Engineering Department, has been working at hte since 2008. His career at hte began very early on, when he opted for an integrated Bachelor's degree program in mechanical engineering. His first position at hte after completing his Master's degree at the University of Mannheim alongside his job was in Job Preparation. He then moved to his current position, in which he is leading the Mechanical Engineering Team.

In addition to leading and organizing a team of five people, his activities also include work in the area of numeric flow and heat simulation, as well as cost estimation and controlling in the implementation of various projects.

Mr. Keim values the varied aspects of day-to-day work at hte very much. Alongside the major plus point of being able to implement his own ideas and those of his colleagues, he enjoys the new challenges that arise every day and keep his job interesting. "We primarily build systems with standardized components, however there are also particularly challenging projects that contain several prototype phases which require especially high pressures/temperatures or call for dynamically adjustable components to be used. The difficulty here is uniting the process engineering with the mechanics." says Mr. Keim.

In order to overcome the challenges, it is important to have a communicative working atmosphere. Weaknesses and deficiencies both within the team and in different departments can be resolved quickly, as everyone wants to achieve the best possible result together within a project.

Looking back on his most exciting projects, one that particularly stands out is R0166 (CMDU), as he "supported the project from concept development through to completion over several years" and this is the largest individual system "that hte has so far developed in cooperation with BASF."

hte is also an attractive employer in terms of prospects and career, setting itself apart from other companies through the freedom that employees enjoy in how they approach their work. In the field of mechanical design especially, there are many further development options that employees can make use of.

Due to the warmheartedness among colleagues, the open corporate culture and hands-on mentality, Mr. Keim strongly recommends a career at hte. He has one last thing to say to anyone applying to hte: "hte offers many development opportunities but also has high expectations of you right from the start. This means that you can grow as a professional and become a fixed part of the hte cosmos."